LakePointe Apartments & Development Group, LLC

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About LakePointe Apartments and Development Group

Finding a place to call home can be an arduous and emotional process. That’s why clients appreciate LakePointe Apartments & Development Group. A full-service development and investment firm serving Chicago neighborhoods, the LakePointe team works side-by-side with clients, positioning client interests front-of-mind and making the journey enjoyable and productive.

LakePointe is renowned for its conscientious care, commitment to quality, and integrity. Time and again, the words “responsive,” “attentive to detail,” “hands-on,” and “helpful” are attributed to LakePointe by delighted clients.

An unwavering dedication to quality is the cornerstone of every LakePointe project and relationship. “We are very particular about the properties we choose,” says Mike Krueger, owner of Lakepointe Apartments & Development Group, LLC. “We own part of every building we manage and have a vested interest in every building’s success and each tenant’s absolute satisfaction. Our selectiveness enables us to concentrate on providing exceptional service and uncompromising work.”

Properties include apartment acquisitions, multi-family and mixed-use developments; new construction, gut rehabs, and ongoing revitalization projects. LakePointe produces both sustainable apartment buildings and successful developments, and is the proud recipient of myriad industry accolades, including several homebuilding and neighborhood awards from the Chicagoland real estate community.

“Our goals are simple,” concludes Krueger. “To create solid, beautiful buildings and for tenants to love living in them so much they never want to leave.”